Monday, March 9, 2009

Africa Final Photos are Online

As you can read about in my previous posting I am back in Utah, US of A. I had a wonderful 3 1/2 months in Africa visiting my good friend Chase and connecting with new friends. I met the challenges of learning to scuba dive, figuring out how to spend 12 hour days on physically uncomfortable buses, reading a book all day long in the intense heat and humidity, traveling by myself for three weeks over thousands of miles, and climbing the tallest mountain in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,330 feet to name a few. Success!!!

A special thank you to all that left comments on my blog and emailed me directly while I was traveling. It was always nice to hear from someone back home and feel the energy in their writing!

I have created a website for my photos and have placed the direct link below. I put together a Best of Photos album with 557 pictures pulled from the other albums. I did my best to limit that number down as small as possible. I was working with more than 3,500 photos for the whole three months I was there. Around 1,000 photos per month, 30 photos per day average.

I have now spent over 9 months of my life abroad. I have been fortunate enough to have visited 23 countries and 6 of the 7 continents, all that's left is Antarctica. All of this before the age of 30, which I will turn in June of this year. How is this possible some of you may ask? Because I made it happen and international traveling has been a priority of mine.

If you haven't traveled internationally I encourage you to do it! There will always be plenty of excuses not to go (I have a great job, my kids are too young, the economy is horrible, timing just isn't right, I just lost thousands of dollars in my investments recently, I struggle with a road trip in the states how would I handle traveling abroad, what about my mortgage, etc.) but you can figure out a work around for every excuse if you have the desire to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I am very willing to share travel tips and ideas with you or anyone that has the desire. What you will gain from traveling: adventure, new experiences, an appreciation for other cultures, an appreciation for home, confidence from overcoming uncomfortable situations in languages you don't understand or speak, meeting new friends around the world, and bragging rights about your international adventures. You may contact me at -Paul


Hilary Burton said...


I LOVE your blog postings. You are inspirational and rad! Life wouldn't be the same without your swimming trunks, your energy and your thoughts! Thank you for sharing...

So I'm planning a trip to Antarctica too...I still have Australia to hit, but then I'm on the same path as you!! What are you doing for your dirty 30? You better make is bad ass! I'm turning 28 on Saturday...bam!

I'm pumped to peruse your photos...I will! It is ironic that I have been looking at your photos for close to 5 years now even though I have only known you for over a year. I liked you from when you used a leaf as a loin cloth! Ha ha ha...



Teija in PDX said...

You just have to make it happen... ain't that the truth! End of year 2009 - Antarctica baby! Wanna join me? All seven continents before age 30!!!!