Monday, February 23, 2009

Back Home in Utah!!!

I came back a few weeks early and surprised my family and good friends! Well I at least surprised my folks and one friend, understandably no one else could quite remember when I was coming back. I am home early because I was ready for the comforts of America: actual breakfast bacon, family, my own transportation, good friends, having products that are well manufactured at my fingertips or at the click of a button online, cold weather in Utah, and the Utah Jazz. I checked everything off my Africa list: scuba diving, game reserve, beaches, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and traveling solo, so I changed my flight and came back early.

For those of you that are interested I am currently going through the 3500 photos I took, an average of over 30 photos per day while I traveled. I have got them down to about half the original amount but want to really get them fine tuned for your viewing pleasure before I post them. I will let you know when this happens and will send you a link to them as they will be on another website.

So what happens now for me? I continue to integrate back into the American society through eating huge meal portions, driving to the store that is less than 3 blocks away, and begging for a job in this wonderful economy. (Any job leads please let me know,


tirb said...

I got your message and will call you soon. I was out of town the last few days and didn't have time. Also, what was your undergrad in? You should check my company for a possible job (

Hilary Burton said...

Welcome home Paul! I'm surprised to read that you got home today. It took me three days to adjust to the time, so good luck with that!

Finding a job sucks ass...Are you interested in staying in Utah?

Hilary Burton said...

It took me about 1.5 weeks to go through 400 photos. So by my calculations it will take you 13.5 weeks...good luck with that!!!