Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just hanging out

I finally made it and have met up with Chase and Jamie here in Mozambique. It has been a ton of fun to be with my good friends. We will be at Chase's site for the next few weeks where I will not have internet access.

It is super hot here, to be contrasted to the freezing temperatures back home in Utah with snow on the ground. Hopefully we'll get to the beach for some nice relaxing!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in Mozambique

I am back in Mozambique and will be going to Chase's site today. It was a long journey, 5 straight days of 10 hours of traveling per day, to get from Dodoma, Tanzania to Massinga, Mozambique. I stayed with Patrick in Massinga for the past few days, it was great to be with one of my good friends out here again!

Now I am trying to figure out my traveling visa which expires soon. I may have to cross the border again unfortunately. No one will give me a straight answer about getting a new visa, it gets annoying but that is life out here. So I will be at Chase's site for tonight and may cruise down south to cross the border into Swaziland and renew my visa sometime over the next few days.

All is well and I am very happy to be back in Mozambique and see my good friend Jamie, who doubles as Chase's girlfriend, here in the next few days!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Traveling South

I haven't updated in a while. I am traveling south, back to Mozambique. I am in Blantyre, Malawi and will cross over to Mozambique over the next few days. Then it's at least two more days on buses down to see my American friends.

It has been an interesting time traveling solo, many stories to tell. But I will save those for a later time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Tanzania Photos

Below are some photos I took during the last week. I am staying in Lushoto again for a few days and then will probably make my way down to southern Tanzania.

A typical small town street in Tanzania.

It is so green here.

Sky high!

African boys love to play fight, and be photographed!

Me and some cabbage.

Another African sunset.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Small Mountain Villages in Tanzania

New Years Eve was spent in Lushoto with Yuko, Mr. Lim, some new Swedes (I can't get away from them), and a local Tanzanian. There was nothing going on so we were just at a bar, nothing too exciting. We heard that the whole town, including the Muslims, would be at the Christian Church at midnight but we never saw anyone at the church the whole night. Maybe because in Tanzania the day starts at 6am, when the sun rises, so they are 6 hours behind international time. For example, 3pm is 9am in Tanzania time.

I got to go on a few hikes around Lushoto, there are some great views out here.

Then on New Years Day Yuko, a friend from Japan I met that is volunteering in Tanzania, and I were walking around town and she went into an appliance shop. I followed her and we met a volunteer for the US Peace Corps here in Tanzania, Leigh. I had wanted to meet a Peace Corps volunteer to be linked into their network and see if anyone is interesting is a visitor. Leigh was willing to host Yuko and I for the last three nights in her house in Mbelei, it was great!

So now I take a bus to another Peace Corps volunteer named Theresa. She lives in a small village about 3 hours north of Lushoto called Sunga. I think I'll stay in Tanzania until the first of February and then head back to Mozambique for the last month of my trip.

One of the amazing views from the road I walked down to get to some fresh cheese.

A chameleon, a photo for my Mother who volunteers at the local zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I finally made it to the cheese, black pepper cheese that is.

The sunrise through some trees on another hike.

Stairs from the road down to some houses.

Irente View Point.

Following the local boys up to the higher view point.

Just like the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

So you can see the local houses made out of mud and sticks.

Another local house.

The Tanzanian dollar menu, not too shabby.

New Years Eve with Yuko and a girl from Sweden.

Cooking chapati, similar to tortillas, over the charcoal with US Peace Corps volunteer Leigh. She cooks every meal with charcoal like the locals.

Yuko and Leigh with some of the local school girls.

The view from their school.

Yuko taught the girls some self defence moves.

They caught on quickly.

Here in Tanzania the girls have weapons for self defense!

The ultimate test, balancing a heavy uneven load on top of your head. I uploaded the wrong photo, I have one with no hands I swear.

Leigh and I making some of the local corn flour meal Ugali to go with our vegtables for dinner.