Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in Mozambique

I am back in Mozambique and will be going to Chase's site today. It was a long journey, 5 straight days of 10 hours of traveling per day, to get from Dodoma, Tanzania to Massinga, Mozambique. I stayed with Patrick in Massinga for the past few days, it was great to be with one of my good friends out here again!

Now I am trying to figure out my traveling visa which expires soon. I may have to cross the border again unfortunately. No one will give me a straight answer about getting a new visa, it gets annoying but that is life out here. So I will be at Chase's site for tonight and may cruise down south to cross the border into Swaziland and renew my visa sometime over the next few days.

All is well and I am very happy to be back in Mozambique and see my good friend Jamie, who doubles as Chase's girlfriend, here in the next few days!!!

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